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About Us

Our Mission: Being the most trusted and respected platform for selling naturopathic medication.

Aromatherapy - Essential Oils


  • Alleviate everyday pain and suffering.
  • Provide natural effective/proven solutions.
  • Transparency in everything we do.
  • Provide statistically accurate medical recommendations.
  • Data Driven Organization: Decisions are made with concrete data.
  • Never compromise doing what is right for the customer for profits.
  • Do not try to maximize short term profits at the expense of building enduring relationships.

Apollen is dedicated in providing only the purest and most natural aromatherapy essential oils to our customers. We understand that aromatherapy essential oils which are modified by artificial means, the precious essence of those oils is forever lost. For this reason Apollen does not carry essential oils that have been diluted, altered, or synthetically modified.

All of our products are 100% Pure and Wild-Crafted, to convey our commitment in providing the best and purest essential oils to our customers.

The following is a list of criteria that Apollen stands for when making our 100% Pure and Wild-Crafted Therapeutic Products


  1. 1. Ecological and Sustainable Practices – our products must not damage the earth or surrounding community during the process of farming or distilling.
  2. 2. No slave/child labor.
  3. 3. No animal testing.
  4. 4. The distiller and farm must have a thorough knowledge and practice of the correct time of day and season to harvest and distill essential oils for the best therapeutic effect.
  5. 5. Apollen chooses oils that are 100% Pure and Wild-Crafted, Pesticide-Free, or Select Farmed Essential Oils..
  6. 6. The oil must be distilled at low temperature to maintain its therapeutic benefits.
  7. 7. Apollen will never use oils that have been denatured, reconstituted or mixed with other chemical compounds.
  8. 8. No genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  9. 9. No artificial colors, oils or scents.