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Spasm Ailment

Digestive System Aromatherapy Remedy

Essential Oil Treatments for Spasm

Spasms refer to involuntary sudden convulsive movement or muscular contraction. Esophageal spasm results when the esophagus contraction moving food to the stomach from the mouth is uncoordinated, irregular and powerful. The spasms can stop the food from moving to the stomach as it gets stuck within the esophagus.

Such a spasm isn’t very common and mostly lacks symptoms; doctors have to look for other conditions to know if the spasm is there, such as achalasia and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Essential oils to help with this type of digestive spasm include: Cinnamon Leaf, Coriander Seed/Cilantro, Neroli-Orange Blossom and Orange Sweet.

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