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Chills Ailment

Genito-Urinary Essential Oil Treatment

Essential Oil Treatments for Chills

This is a feeling of coldness, often developed following exposure to a cold environment, or caused by a fever, and is accompanied by shivering. Ginger is very warming, and so is an excellent treatment for chills, whether diluted as part of a massage oil, or included in a tea, or bath oil.

Chamomile, black pepper, peppermint, lemon and tea tree are the best oils to treat chills brought on by fever, and can be added to a bath, or used in a cold compress applied to the head, or soles of the feet. Ancient Chinese medicine advocates sweating to overcome chills, which can be helped using ginger and cinnamon, which warm the body and encourage sweating.
People release pheromones, which affect hormones, fertility and libido, and when secreted will attract the opposite sex; plants also secrete pheromones, and thus essential oils can have a powerful effect on the human body and mind. The use of stimulating essential oils, such as cinnamon, ginger, jasmine and patchouli can be used in massage and aromatherapy to ease sexual difficulty and dysfunction. Sandalwood is also a natural aphrodisiac, and improves libido.

Application Usages

Massage Oils Application

Select 20-30 drops of your preferred essential oils for chills and mix with 2 ounces of a carrier oil (grapeseed oil is a good option). You can apply the mixture on the chest, neck and soles of the feet.

Diffusion Application

Select 8-10 drops of your preferred essential oils for chills and pour into diffuser. Take deep breaths and inhale the essential oil aroma.