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Nervous System Essential Oil Treatment

Nervous System Treatment

Many serious illnesses and symptoms can arise from problems associated with the central nervous system, and can be improved through the use of essential oils and naturopathic remedies. Oils can be used to help with nerve transmission, by applying to the base of the neck, at the hair line, where the brain stem is located, and on the temples, behind the ears, and reflex points, where they are easily absorbed.

Some essential oils can help repair nerve damage; both peppermint and chamomile have been shown to have stimulant-like effects on the central nervous system; and orange, grapefruit, and cypress have been shown to have a depressant effect. Since medieval periods the medicinal properties of lavender have been recognized, and was prescribed by medieval physicians for epilepsy. Recently, studies have suggested that lavender oil may be effective in treating a range of neurological disorders.