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Debility Ailment

Nervous System Essential Oil Treatment

Essential Oil Treatments for Debility

Debility is a state where the body is very weak due to illness. It manifests in many ways such as fatigue, weariness, weakness, frailty and exhaustion. Fatigue and weakness are some of the symptoms where the body’s physical strength dips and moving about requires some extra effort. Anemia is one of the causes particularly after the body has lost lots of blood in menstruation, including thyroid disease and flu.

Depression, undiagnosed diabetes or one that’s poorly controlled and lack of sleep all bring about the condition. Essential oils that can help include: Cinnamon Leaf, Coriander Seed/Cilantro, Eucalyptus Globulus, Ginger-Fresh Root, Helichrysum Italicum, Rosemary (Morocco), Thyme and Vetiver.

Application Usages

Massage Oils Application

Select 20-30 drops of your preferred essential oils for debility and mix with 2 ounces of a carrier oil grapeseed oil is a good option. You can apply the mixture throughout the body or simply apply on the neck and bottom of the feet before going to bed.

Bath Application
Take 15-20 drops of your preferred essential oils for debility and mix with 2 ounces of carrier oil of your choosing. Apply the mixture into the water only after the water has stopped flowing. Add the mixture while the water is running to evaporate the mixture and reduce the potency.

Diffusion Application
Select 8-10 drops of your preferred essential oils for debility and pour into diffuser. Take deep breaths and inhale the essential oil aroma.

Cloth Application
Apply 2-4 drops of preferred essential oil for debility onto cloth/tissue. Hold cloth or tissue in the palms of your hand and take 2-3 deep breaths through the nose. If inhaling through a cotton ball, gently waft the cotton ball under the nose and take 2-3 deep inhalations. This method of application can be used 2-3 times or can vary depending on when needed.