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Skin Care Essential Oil Treatment

Essential Oil Treatments for Age Spots

Spots such as age spots, liver spots or solar lentigines appear on the skin. They’re black, grey or brown in hue and of various sizes. They appear around the face, hands, shoulders and arms, areas highly prone to ultra violet rays or sun exposure. The spots affect virtually anyone although age spots mostly afflict those above 40 years of age.

They appear cancerous but usually harmless and hardly need any treatment in case you’ve no problem with the way they make you look. Essential oils such as: Bergamot, Helichrysum Italicum, Lavender-High Altitude, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin Green, Mandarin Red, Ravintsara (White Camphor) and Tea Tree make the spots to look insignificant, hydrates the skin, deal with wrinkles as well as other types of skin complications.

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