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Wrinkles Ailment

Skin Care Essential Oil Treatment

Essential Oil Treatments for Wrinkles

One of the excellent anti-wrinkle treatments is essential oils, which lack harmful side effects and very efficient in the treatment of wrinkles above the eyes than most treatments. They deliver needed nutrients into the skin easily without having the pores clogged. The oils also work by developing and promoting skin cells, enhancing blood circulation that leaves behind a smother looking skin.

The antibacterial and anti-fungal effect of the oils repair the cells on the skin brought about by free radical effects. Some of the best to use to deal with wrinkles include: Clary Sage, Elemi, Frankincense-Carterii, Frankincese–Rivae, Myrrh, Neroli – Orange Blossom, Palmarosa, Patchouli and Rosewood.

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