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Using Essential Oils For Anxiety

Treat Anxiety With Essential Oils

written by www.apollen.com March 7, 2017

Suffering from panic attacks, stress, ADHD, depression and other destructive anxieties is not the best of news. Knowing how to treat anxiety with essential oils is a wonderful idea, considering they are easily accessible especially at home. They can uplift a person’s mood and make everything easy, calm and relaxing without really trying too much. Are there benefits related to the use of essential oils in dealing with anxiety? Here are a number that should give you a reason to always have some essential oil blends at home.

Limbic system effect

One of the areas essential oils have an effect on inside the body is in the brain in an area known as the limbic system. This is generally the heart of emotion and memory in the brain associated with parts of the brain whose business is controlling breathing, hormonal balance, heart rate and blood pressure, among others; why essential oils are believed to have an effect on the physical signs and emotional health related to anxiety.

Boost complete treatments

From clinical and situational depression, stress, lack of sleep to ADHD, there are times some of these manifestations of anxiety will require other complete treatments and should always be approached seriously. Nonetheless, considering what essential oils do to the body, specifically the brain, it makes a lot of sense to try out some essential oil no matter what form of anxiety you are going through. These oils make a wonderful addition to treatments of clinical forms of anxiety.

Aromatherapy effect

A study done in the UK mostly on psychiatric patients suffering from diagnosed anxiety and disorders related to depression ascertained that together with massage, aromatherapy carried out for about six months was able to enhance the mood and reduce anxiety. In fact, the beauty of using essential oils is that you can transform your mood and stress just by smelling the scent of the oil and receiving a quality massage using an effective blend of essential oils, among others.

Avoid other complications

Essential oils change your mood, transform your anxiety and leave you happier and positive. But this is not where it ends. They boost your wellbeing, calm your nerves and reduce all the loopholes of attaining diseases related to anxiety and stress, such as problems with sleep, insomnia, cancer, heart diseases, arthritis, allergies and diabetes. It means that if you are affected by anxiety and left untreated, the result could be very serious complications and perhaps affect your entire life forever. Yet, just a little scent or massage with an essential oil blend would have lessened all your worries.

Quick results

The active ingredients in essential oil are mostly the essences concentrated in plants. As a result of the active concentrate, treatment of anxiety using any these essential oils gives very quick results. A Vienna University study has indicated that the healing elements found in essential oils even make their way into the bloodstream within five minutes of applying them on the skin.

Spread the scent in your room

If you have ever added a freshener with strong scents in your home chances are you have observed how fast the fragrance moves around and brings some freshness to the room. With an aromatherapy diffuser you can follow the same principle and spread a scent from a quality essential oil blend in the room and do away with bad moods and anxieties. This works for others just like in yourself and you won’t even know what is happening; just that you are happy, calm and rejuvenated.

Occasional inhalation goes a long way

If you can learn to inhale some essential oils it’s possible to discover the positive effect of the blend of oil. You can apply some of the oil on cotton ball and place it close to your nostrils or rub some below the nose and enjoy the fragrance as it opens up your mind making everything easy, calm, invigorated and awesome.

Help in high anxiety areas

You must agree there are places where anxiety is always high such as the work place. Rather than leave the office moody, anxious and depressed perhaps due to a demanding boss or short pressing deadlines, essential oils can help you relax as you ease your anxieties. Simply mix a quality essential oil blend with a body lotion you love wearing, preferably one that does not have a scent and wear it to the office. Even under the most stressful circumstances you will feel relax and calm. Freshening up during the day with the same will be adding more joy and relaxation at your workplace. There’s no better way of enjoying your job without giving in to anxieties.

Transform your bath today

If you just enjoy warm baths with just soap and water and still have to deal with depression and stress, do something about it. Next time you make a warm bath add a couple of perfectly blended essential oil that will encourage the much needed relaxation after a long day at work. The essential oil’s healing powers and scent will do their job and calm your nerves, rejuvenate your soul and recharge your batteries removing all anxieties from your system.

While choosing the best essential oil to use for anxiety, the important thing is choosing a blend eliciting certain positive emotional reactions on you. If the blend boosts up your spirits, try it out for depression and other anxieties. Also choose essential oils with antidepressant-like results. While it’s possible you have a blend of essential oils that works for you, there are a number you can check out, such as Basil, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lime, Neroli, Roman Chamomile, Clary sage, Angelica, Bergamot, Lavender, Sweet orange, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang, Palmarosa, Vetiver and Peppermint, among a host of other blends. Know what works for you, be creative in its usage and you will remain free of any anxiety.

The most important thing is choosing essentials that balance the mood, antiviral, antidepressant, relaxing and calming, great for ADHD, calming and soothing, contraction stimulating as well as comforting.

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