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Clear and Balance Your Mind with Aromatherapy
Boost Your Cognitive Focus with Aromatherapy

Boost Your Cognitive Focus with Aromatherapy

written by www.apollen.com April 2, 2017

The modern world, with all its gadgets and technology, places huge strain on our brains, as we are increasingly demanded to multi-task, be more productive, and keep up with the ever-increasing pace of modern life. With so many flashing lights, distractions, notifications, and demands on our time and mental resources, it can be hard to keep focused, motivated and balanced.

A lack of cognitive focus can have a negative impact on both our professional and our personal lives, as we might be easily distracted, prone to procrastination, and unable to concentrate on a single task or problem. You might find that when you get into bed after a busy day, you open up a book to try and relax but find yourself reading the same paragraph over and over again, as your mind wanders and you struggle to focus, or that you can’t sit through an episode of your favourite TV show without absent-mindedly scrolling through your phone, checking your notifications. These are all signs of an overly busy mind, and a lack of cognitive focus.

Aromatherapy is fantastic for helping to clear and balance your mind, and can be a great accompaniment for other mindfulness activities, such as meditation, which though they may look relaxing, require a significant amount of focus and concentration. It is hugely important that you give your mind the same care and attention as you give to your body, and there are a number of essential oils that can help keep you in great mental shape, ensuring that you stay cool, calm, collected, and able to focus clearly on whatever life throws at you.

Cinnamon has a warming effect, and increases blood flow to the brain, giving you a boost of mental energy that can help motivate you to finally get going if you’re suffering from a lack of motivation, or help you to concentrate on a particular activity, whether that’s something you need to get done for work, or you just want to finally find the focus to finish that book you’ve been reading without reaching for your phone instead. Can be applied topically to the skin (diluted in a carrier oil) or diffused.

Basil oil has been shown to stimulate the adrenal glands, and so can combat the mental fatigue that is so often the source of a lack of motivation. If you’ve been sat at your desk procrastinating the hours away, or can’t get off the sofa and start ticking off your to-do list, a whiff of basil oil can give you that much needed boost of mental energy that you need to get yourself going again.

Cedarwood oil, due to its calming properties, has been used to very effectively treat children with ADHD and ADD, as it stimulates the limbic region of the brain and the pineal gland, so will help you to remain focused on a particular task for an extended period of time. It also promotes the release of melatonin, which will help you to get a better night’s sleep and feel energised and refreshed when you wake up, ready to take on the day!

Citrus oils with their strong and invigorating scent, are fantastic for increasing your focus and productivity, and will give you the energy and enthusiasm to achieve whatever your aims for the day are.

All of the above oils are blendable, and you will be sure to find a combination that is ideal for you and helps you to think clearly, so that you can get out and get things done. With improved cognitive focus, you can do everything that you need to do, and still have the time, energy and focus to really enjoy treating yourself to interesting and engaging activities in your spare time, rather than missing out hours of potential enjoyment and mental stimulation because you’re feeling so mentally wiped out from your day or week.

If you want to find out more ways that aromatherapy can help improve your cognitive focus so that you can get more out of your life, check out our recipes and info page at https://www.apollen.com/aromatherapy-recipes, where we have a whole host of suggestions of different essential oils, oil blends, recipes and techniques that will have you on the path to a clear and calm mind in no time at all!

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