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Using Essential Oils For Sleep
Using Essential Oils For Sleep

Using Essential Oils For Sleep

written by www.apollen.com March 7, 2017

Hormones, stress and lots of other factors have a way of affecting our natural sleep patterns. Occasional sleeplessness is real with the quality of sleep mostly affected by the body’s ability to erase or release stress, night lights or alarm clocks that disrupt sleep, doing things such as exercising just before retiring to bed, taking heavy meals, drinking caffeinated drinks among others.

Menopause, cigarettes, alcohol, physical problems and pre-menstrual tension also cause bouts of insomnia in so many people. The good news is that there are essential oils for sleep walking, insomniacs, sleep deprivation victims, those with anxiety and anyone with sleep apnea. If you can find the essential oil blend you like, chances are you will be having a full and refreshing night’s sleep you have never had for a long time. With the right blend you can be sure your life will change forever. Here are a number of essential oils to think about, particularly if you would like a high quality effective blend.


One of the gentlest essential oils that makes the body to relax, soothing it into sleep; it has been recommended for many things including physical and mental strain. You can enjoy a warm bath anointed with a couple of lavender oil drops before you retire to bed or inhale the oil to improve your sleep quality.


This is one of those essential oils you will be attracted to once you interact with it. A citrus fruit, its oil is mostly drawn from the peel or rind through cold pressing. While citrus oils, including oils from wild orange and grapefruit, are known to stimulate, bergamot oil is a little different; it has a calming effect and a bit bright. It’s a perfect addition to your sleep blend and will help to balance your emotions.

Ylang Ylang

While you might have a problem saying it aloud, the effectiveness of the essential oil in sleep is not questionable. It’s a great choice to enhance your sleep courtesy of its unique fragrance and floral traits.


The woody and earthy flagrant of the cedarwood essential oil is legendary amidst being the oil that is mostly used to calm the brain after the busiest of days. It’s topically used, put in diffusers and can be mixed together with lighter essential oils for an effective highly beneficial essential oil blend.

Roman Chamomile

One of those essential oils up for blending due to its relaxing, soothing properties, it has a floral yet light scent. It creates the most peaceful of atmospheres in any bedroom and soothes the mind to sleep.


Made from the vetiver roots through distillation, this essential oil has an earthy smell known for its richness. It has been the choice of essential oil for many, considering it makes the brain to shut-off and sleep. Its smell is unique. If you find yourself taking more time to get used to it, blend it with a lighter essential oil such as roman chamomile or the ever wonderful lavender for the ultimate sleep blend.


The benefits of this essential oil are immense and known to enhance joints and muscles as well as one of the best oils in encouraging satisfying peaceful sleep.

These essential oils can help you get your full night’s sleep back, fast.

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